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Hello fellow animal lovers! We have some cool digital Once in a Wild gifts for you. Some free Zoom Room Animal Backgrounds! Impress your coworkers in your next online meeting, or show your students what a cool teacher you are. Along with your teleconferences, you can also use these as wallpaper for your computer.

Our first batch of wallpapers include Blonde the Arizona Blonde Tarantula, Shirley the African Hedgehog, and Princess the Ball Python. Aren’t they so photogenic?! These animal backgrounds blend two of our greatest passions, photography and animals. It’s for this reason that these wallpapers will be just the first of many! Please keep visiting our website and follow us on social media to see which animals we’ve created backgrounds for next!

We’re excited to share these wallpapers with you and hope they help add life to your computer desktop or teleconferences. Please enjoy and share with your friends!

ZoomRoomBg Zoom Room Animal Backgrounds Zoom Room Animal Backgrounds African Hedgehog Zoom Room Animal Backgrounds Ball Python Zoom Room Animal Backgrounds