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A Petting Zoo is a casual outdoor animal experience, where an animal pen and popup tent are set up in a shaded grassy area. Participants can take turns entering the pen in order to have opportunities to touch and interact with the animals up close. A professional animal handler is always present to ensure the safety of the animals and guests. Photos are always welcome. This type of encounter is good for all ages.

Recommended ages: Anyone (adults must attend with small children)

Petting Zoo or Petting Zoo PLUS

Once in a Wild’s Mobile Petting Zoo encounter is a great option for birthday parties, outdoor festivals, corporate events, and much more.

As a Mobile Petting Zoo, we come to you. Our equipment and animals require less space than traditional petting zoos while providing the personalized experience you want.

The animals that are included in the Petting Zoo are our Flemish Giant Rabbit, Fancy Guinea Pigs, Red Foot Tortoises, Bearded Dragon, and Pekin Ducks. This experience will also include a full outdoor setup complete with a round pen for the animals, and a shaded canopy tent. Guests will take turns entering the pen with our animals and be able to touch them, be very close to them, and take lots of photos. The Animal Specialist attending will be with them as well to ensure the safety of the visitors and the animals.

*Choose the Petting Zoo PLUS option to request more animal species in addition to the animals already included in our Mobile Petting Zoo option.

This is a great experience for many different types of places & events, including the following:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Festivals
  • Libraries & Bookstores
  • Weddings
  • Pop-Up Markets
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Church Gatherings
  • Senior Homes
  • Promo Events


For Schools

  • Affordable alternative to an offsite visit
  • Great for fundraisers and parent nights
  • Relaxing activity for the teachers
  • Great hands-on teaching aide

For Business

  • Brand awareness & activation
  • Newsworthy content
  • Social media opportunities
  • Data collection
  • Attracts crowds


The most important members of the Once in a Wild team are of course our animals! These creatures serve as amazing ambassadors for their species. All of our animals are professionally trained, handled, taken care of, and endlessly loved by our wonderful staff. If you would like to learn more about our animals and the care they receive, please follow the links below:



  • 1 Hour
  • 10×10 Popup Tent
  • Enclosed Petting Area
  • Petting Zoo Animals


  • 1.5 Hours
  • 10×10 Popup Tent
  • Enclosed Petting Area
  • Petting Zoo Animals
  • 3+ extra animals of your choice


Book your next Petting Zoo, Meet and Greet, Show and Tell, or Virtual Experience now! Perfect for parties, classrooms, corporate events, animal therapy sessions, and much more!


Q: How many guests can attand a Once in a Wild event?

A: Every appearance that Once in a Wild conducts is fully customizable. We can often accommodate large crowds, or small gatherings too. There are certain types of animal encounters that work well for large groups, such as a Petting Zoo, or a Meet & Greet. There are also other encounters, such as a Show & Tell, which are more suited to groups of 40 attendants or less. (However, please always feel welcome to inquire with us about your particular event.)

Q: Can we take photos during our animal encounter?

A: Yes! We definitely allow photos, and highly recommend that you capture as many memories as possible. Every encounter that we conduct will provide time to take photos of and with the animals that attend. Please tag us @onceinawildzoo and use the hashtag #onceinawildzoo on Instagram!

Q: How far can you travel?

A: This is always a case-by-case scenario. Please contact us at 210-445-5240 if you are outside of the San Antonio, and immediate surrounding cities area. Travel fees apply to some locations, and are calculated by distance. We offer virtual animal encounters conducted via Zoom for our clientele outside of our travel zone.