Types of Events

live exotic animal kids children's party photo
ZOOm Room
Here at Once in a Wild, we are excited to announce that we will now be offering interactive virtual animal encounters, via ZOOm Room! This service is perfect for general long-distance learning, classrooms, homeschool, conferences, & more! Virtual encounters are also great for all ages. And the best part is, we are happy to offer this service to animal lovers from all over the globe! Please contact us for additional details.
live exotic animal kids children's party photo
Wild Party
Welcome to the jungle! We’ve got fun, games, and some real party animals! Prepare your guests for the adventure of a lifetime. We, and our amazing animal ambassadors will make sure your party is truly an event to remember!
live exotic animal kids children's party photo
Classy Critters
Our animals are the classiest around! We offer amazing opportunities for students of all ages to learn about different species of reptiles, mammals, birds, and more! What better way for your students to understand and appreciate nature than to meet live animals up close?!
office zoo - exotic animal party photo
Office Zoo
Be the best boss ever by inviting us into your workplace! We never throw a dull office party by creating a great event full of fun, education, empathy, and amazing team-building with our incredible in-office animal experiences.
live exotic animal kids children's party photo
Animal Therapy
Our animal programs aren’t just fun and educational; they can be calming, soothing, and therapeutic as well. We offer hands-on experiences with some special members of our animal team that can benefit your physical and mental health, and will surely melt your heart.