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Bringing the ZOOm To You!

Here at Once in a Wild, we are bringing the zoo to you via interactive virtual ZOOm Room animal encounters. Our animal staff are just as passionate and energetic on screen as they are in real life!

An Experience for Everyone!

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join our virtual ZOOm Room. Imagine your reaction when a feisty ferret, a curious cockatiel, a slithering snake, or a tip-toeing tarantula appears on the screen! We love how each animal has their own unique personality! Whether it’s a rambunctious rabbit, a loveable lizard, an amazing axolotl, or a terrific tortoise, each of our animals create plenty of fun moments to remember.

ZOOm Room animal encounters are a perfect way to allow children to experience the wonders of a zoo in the comfort of your own home. From the classroom to birthday parties, we’ll show our animals while also giving unique facts about them and allow our viewers to ask any question they wish to ask us. To see a fun example, watch these kids’ faces light up when they see a cute hedgehog and other animals in this video clip!

Another option is to create a fun team building activity to boost morale and bring employees together by inviting everyone to a ZOOm Room office meeting! This break from the norm is perfect for remote workers and teams who can’t meet as often as they used to, and is a sure way to create a shared bonding experience while bringing them closer together.

Limitless Opportunity for Learning

We can bring our ZOOm Room animal encounters to animal lovers from all over the world! We may be based in South Texas, but there are no limits to how far we can go! Contact us today to find out more!

Some amazing ideas that a virtual animal encounter can provide are the following:

  • Long distance birthday party 
  • Fun conference meeting
  • Long distance field trip
  • Classroom learning
  • Safe social activity
  • Long distance family fun
  • Animal connections for people of all ages

How It Works

Our virtual ZOOm Room animal encounters are perfect for general long-distance learning, classrooms, home schoolers, conferences, date nights or fun family gatherings! You’ll get to select which animal ambassadors you’d like to attend your program and the duration of time that fits your needs best. We’ll send you the link to the Zoom and the passcode, which you can then share with your friends, family, or participants who are invited to join in. Then, simply log in and enjoy the show!


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Sign up to receive discounts and learn about the latest events and developments.

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