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About Us


Once in a Wild is so much more than just a regular petting zoo! This unique mobile zoo was born with a mission: to educate animal lovers of all ages, while creating an experience that drives empathy towards the world’s creatures through personal interaction. Amanda, our Animal Specialist, is educated in a wide variety of animal species from all over the world! Her daily routine consists of spending one-on-one time with all of our animal ambassadors, conducting their training, preparing their diets, and ensuring they have the best health care possible. She has even worked at renowned Zoos and Aquariums all over Texas and beyond! 

Rikky, Amanda’s partner in “Animal Education Re-Imagination,” has given us a brand new perspective of the animal kingdom in full color! With over 20 years of experience, Rikky specializes in the marketing and design aspects of Once in a Wild.

The passion to bring awareness about animals poured out into Once in a Wild, highlighting each of our animal ambassadors’ personalities and traits. Together, they’re changing the way the world understands and treats animals one event at a time!

“The way to fall in love with an animal is to have a relationship with it. The best way to do that is through interaction. When you love and understand someone (or something), you really care. Everyone is different and must be loved differently.”

– Rikky Moller 

“Not only do I want to teach people about animals, I also want to encourage our guests to pay it forward. If they can learn to respect animals they might be nervous around (such as snakes, spiders and opossums) then go and tell the people in their lives to do the same, then I’ve accomplished something. I truly believe that we are changing the world through our live animal experiences.”

  Amanda Winter


Amanda Winter

Amanda Winter

Founder & Animal Specialist

Amanda has worked professionally with a wide variety of animals for over 18 years, including at 5 renowned zoological facilities. She grew up in Texas but obtained her zoology degree from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo during her time living in Florida. Amanda specializes in animal care, training, and presenting with birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. It has been a lifelong aspiration of hers to change the world for the better by teaching others about all of earth’s creatures, whether they be great or small.

Rikky Möller

Founder & Creative Director

Rikky is an award winning graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. He’s worked on different Fortune 500 brands like Capital One, Western Union, Terminix, USAA, NBA, and many more. Now he dedicates his time to the Once in a Wild brand, and has found a new calling to help promote wildlife conservation. Rikky also hopes to inspire a whole new generation of creatives to change the world through design.