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A Social Creature’s Dilemma:

Times have changed. For the good and for the not-so-good as well. We as humans are social creatures, and we generally desire to be with one another. Unfortunately, because of current events and social distancing, this may not always be an option. But what can be done to resolve this? It seems unfair, and very sad to deny children their birthday parties. It’s a huge disappointment to postpone (or even cancel) family gatherings. It can lower work morale to have the same virtual office meetings day in and day out. And all of us, young and old, need to socialize somehow. Zoom and Facetime meetings are a great, safe alternative; but can be mundane when the same old get-togethers with family and friends are occurring over and over.

Add That Extra Something:

However, these virtual meetings are the new way to socialize, whether we like it or not! So, we definitely have to make the best of this situation. Additionally, any gathering(whether in person or virtual)can be improved by adding a special element, or elements to it. Some fun ideas can include theming the event with fun décor or costumes, playing games virtually with family and friends, singing some at-home karaoke, or even having a storytime (where one person reads a book to share with the rest of the individuals attending.) There are many ideas, and if you get creative, the sky is the limit, but perhaps it’s time to think outside the box: and what could be more fun and engaging than real live animals?!

Virtual Gatherings Include Everyone!

Believe it or not, there are some wonderful benefits to switching gears toward virtual get-togethers. Even if your birthday parties, holiday celebrations, social gatherings, field trips, and office team-building meetings (or more) have been canceled, there is still hope! Virtual gatherings can be a wonderful and safe alternative, and adding live animals can bring that something special to any Zoom that your family and friends are likely never to forget. With animal encounters by Once in a Wild, participants can observe amazing animal ambassadors like cute and cuddly mammals, beautiful birds, incredible reptiles, and creepy crawly bugs, all from the safety of your own home! In fact, ZOOm Room animal encounters can be experienced by anyone anywhere from all over the planet. Even if participants live in different areas of the world, they can gather together this way!

Custom, Interactive, Educational, & Fun!

Additionally, ZOOm Rooms by Once in a Wild can be themed to your party or gathering, and you can experience the animals of your choosing, or leave it up to the animal specialist to surprise you with a variety of creatures to meet and learn about. Virtual encounters can be geared toward any age group, and can be education-focused, or kept more casual, depending on your preference. Regardless, these ZOOm Rooms are always very interactive! The professional and friendly animal specialist will show the animals to the participants, tell all about them, and answer any questions that they want to ask! You’ll also be able to select the duration of time for your encounter and get to meet an average of four to ten amazing animals during your time with the specialist. Whichever animals attend, you’re sure to have a lot of fun!

Make Any Event Special:

Virtual animal encounters are a wonderful, safe, and unique alternative to traditional in-person birthday parties, field trips, office gatherings, educational presentations, family events, and much more. Best of all; Once in a Wild offers a wide variety of awesome animals available to meet via virtual ZOOm Room animal encounters. Some of the creatures you can choose to include are: a feisty ferret, a curious cockatiel, a humorous hedgehog, a slithering snake, a rambunctious rabbit, a loveable lizard, an amazing axolotl, a terrific tortoise, a tip-toeing tarantula, and many, many more! No matter which animals make an appearance, you’re sure to have a wonderful time getting to know them along with all of your family, friends, class, or coworkers. And because all of the animals are unique individuals, each and every ZOOm Room animal encounter is sure to be something very special indeed. We hope to see you very soon for an amazing ZOOm Room animal encounter of your very own! If you’re curious to learn more or to book your encounter, click on this link.